Welcome to College Tuition Rewards Registration!

Congratulations! Your employer has chosen to assist you, your children, and grandchildren with college expenses. By registering, you will be eligible for a minimum $2,000 reduction in tuition.

A Few Things To Make Registration Easier

  • Have child's date of birth and anticipated high school graduation year available.
  • Within a few hours you will receive a "Welcome to Tuition Rewards" email. This email will be sent from support@sagescholars.com. It is a good idea to add this email to your address book and/or junk email filter as an approved sender now to help ensure proper delivery of your welcome email.
  • Once you receive your Welcome email you will be able to log into your account.
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Need help logging in? Give us a call (844) 244-4086 or admin@collegetuitionbenefit.com.